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See My Voice – 2018 Quilt Surface Design Symposium Juried Art Quilt exhibition.

May 18 – June 29, 2018

What does your artwork say? The 2018 QSDS Juried exhibition wants to share your message!

Submit your visual “statements” today! Artists from across the country and abroad show innovative and unusual quilts in this juried exhibition presented in conjunction with the 2018 Quilt Surface Design Symposium. QSDS, founded in 1990, is one of the most comprehensive and respected art quilt conferences in the country.

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Deadline: April 2, 2018


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Deadline: June 22, 2018


"The Best of..." is Ohio Designer Craftsmen's annual, juried, members-only exhibition. Now in its 35th year, the exhibition is regarded as one of Ohio's best shows, and features established and emerging ODC member artists working in all craft media. As a significant exhibition of fine craft, "The Best of 2018" showcases functional, sculptural or decorative contemporary approaches to works in clay, fiber, wood, glass, enamel, leather, metal, jewelry or other media. ODC presents more than $5500 each year in juror-selected artist awards. 

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Deadline: February 19, 2018


Made in NY is an annual exhibit at the Schweinfurth Art Center located in Auburn, New York that features work by New York artists. The exhibit is an opportunity for artists residing in New York State to showcase their work in a competitive, juried exhibition.

The exhibit is open to all mediums, such as photography, sculpture, ceramics, painting, drawing, fiber, installation and video.

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Deadline: February 2, 2018


The Emerging Artist Showcase is an opportunity for emerging artists to get their work shown and build their resume. Fiber Art Now is interested in seeing the latest techniques and ideas from emerging fiber artists and showing them to the world.

What is the Emerging Artist Showcase?
The Emerging Artist Showcase gives emerging artists the opportunity to have their work shown in Fiber Art Now , international magazine for contemporary fiber art & textiles. The final selection of works will be curated by Marcia Young, editor-in-chief and will be shown in the spring, 2018 issue of Fiber Art Now , and sold on over 200 newsstands in the US, Canada, and the UK.

Selected work for the Emerging Artist Submissions will appear in the spring, 2018 issue of Fiber Art Now. If you enter your work but it isn't chosen for the magazine, we will still promote your work online to our community of over 65,000.


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Deadline: February 14, 2018


12th Annual Wayne Art Center
Plein Air Festival

This annual national juried exhibition is dedicated to enhancing the public's awareness of outdoor painting while providing a venue for established and emerging artists to share creative endeavors with collectors and the public.

The festival will run from May 6 through May 12, 2018. The exhibition will be on display from May 13 through June 30, 2018 in the Wayne Art Center's Davenport, Vidinghoff and Outer Galleries.




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Deadline: March 1, 2018


Our lives are measured in seasons. Not just the familiar quarterly divisions of a year: spring, summer, fall and winter, but with each new day we move among a variety of seasons. Seasons are temporary markers of the passing of time, helping us transition naturally through the changes of our lives. Transitions in our personal lives can be seen through the seasons represented by age, health, attitude, status, hopes, dreams, or priorities.

Other less personal seasonal changes are reflected in the world around us: weather, daylight, rainfall, temperature, climate, holidays, harvest, migration, sports, or hunting. Some seasons have no set time of arrival; others are regular as the ticking of a clock. Some seasons we await with excitement or anticipation; others we fear or wish to slow their inevitable arrival.

Artists are encouraged to explore and illustrate the seasons of their lives or the changes reflected in the seasons of the world in which they live.

For SAQA Members

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Deadline: May 31, 2018

Metamorphosis generates transformative change in shape, nature or structure. Just as animals physically develop and change from birth to maturity, concepts, ideas and even the landscape of the earth itself progress through many stages. Change may be positive, negative, frightening or enlightening. Consider physical changes, philosophical changes or personal life changes and the inevitability of decay as a process of change. Realistic, representational, and abstract work will be considered.

For SAQA Members

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Deadline: February 28, 2018

When the sun dips below the horizon, the world changes: the trees are lit by the silvery light of the moon, and warm lamps glow in a child's room as they listen to a bedtime story. Owls and bats take to the sky for their evening meals, while other animals curl up safely in their dens.

Sleep can bring powerful dreams of flight or night terrors. What does the night mean to you? Challenge yourself to represent an aspect of the evening through representational or abstract fiber art.

For SAQA Members

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Deadline: January 31, 2018

Closed for Jurying

TEXtiles. An exhibit of work by Texas members of Studio Art Quilt Associates scheduled to run concurrently with the 2018 SAQA Conference at the conference venue in San Antonio.

This TEXtiles exhibition will welcome national and international attendees of the 2018 SAQAconference to Texas by showcasing Texas-themed work by Texas SAQA members. The show will be displayed initially at the conference hotel on the Riverwalk in San Antonio throughout the conference dates in April 2018. The theme is "everything Texas," expressed in all sorts of art quilts, fiber art and textile surface design. Both two dimensional and three-dimensional art, including garments, will be considered.

Texas is a rich and varied state with a unique history. Geological areas range from open prairies to dense forests to sandy beaches, lakelands, rugged hills and mountains. Her people are all shapes and sizes with ethnicities from all over the world. There are customs and festivals celebrating a wide variety of cultures. She excels in industry, agriculture, energy, sports and recreation. Whether your family has been within her borders for generations or you just moved here yourself, draw on this deep inspiration we call Texas.

For SAQA Members

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Deadline: January 28, 2018



Fiber Celebration 2018


Tointon Gallery 651 10th Ave. Greeley CO 80631
May 4–June 16, 2018

Northern Colorado Weavers Guild invites all fiber artists to participate in our 44th annual juried exhibit Fiber Celebration 2018. We appreciate all past participants and hope you will enter again. We also encourage submissions from new entrants!

Pieces representing fiber media of all types are welcome, including weaving, spinning, dyeing, basketry, sculpture, felting, papermaking, knitting, crocheting, and embroidery.


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Deadline: February 16, 2018


The Prince Cherrywood Challenge 2018

Prince was an iconic musician who called Minnesota home before his untimely passing. We challenge you to create a unique quilt honoring his legacy, using gorgeous hand-dyed fabric in saturated purples.
To honor Prince’s philanthropy, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to charity.





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Deadline: July 1, 2018


Coming in 2018

Sacred Threads 2019

Sacred Threads is an exhibition of quilts exploring themes of spirituality, joy, inspiration, peace/brotherhood, grief and healing. This biennial exhibition was established to provide a safe venue for quilters  who see their work as a connection to the sacred and/or as an expression of their spiritual journey.

The objective is to create a dignified exhibition of artwork that touches on both spiritual and personal levels all those who view it. We want to share with others the experiences of quilters whose stories may be a source of healing and strength.

Entries to Sacred Thread Exhibitions are juried in by images for purposes of space and suitability of theme only. Works are not judged.


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Online: October 1, 2018 - January 10, 2019



Parker Arts, Culture and Events (PACE) Center, Parker, Colorado

FRCQ Exhibit May 3, 2018 to July 9, 2018

CONTRAST is an exhibit open to members of the Front Range Contemporary Quilters.

Contrast can take many forms. It can be opposites such as joy and fear, night and day, or opposing political viewpoints. More literally, contrast can be light and dark values, straight versus curved lines, or complimentary colors. More conceptual illustrations of contrast could be to make the invisible visible, reveal the concealed, or tell an untold story. The effect of contrast is to make each element more distinctive when put alongside each other. Variation and contrast make life and art more vibrant.

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Deadline: February 14, 2018







Fiber National 2018

Fiber National showcases the best in contemporary fiber art from around the United States. The second biennial of the exhibition will highlight exciting, innovative artwork utilizing both traditional and non-traditional techniques. All artists that incorporate fiber and/or fiber techniques in their artwork are invited to apply.


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Online November 1, 2017 - April 1, 2018


ANTHEMS – A LGBTQ Quilt Exhibit

On June 12, 2016, the LGBTQ Community was rocked by the massacre at Pulse Nightclub. While there was a huge outpouring of support for the victims of Pulse from within the Quilt Community, there were a marked number of homophobic commentaries as well.

In the 1980s we learned that Silence=Death. So the question arises as to how do we, as a group of LGBTQ Quilters, demonstrate who we are within the Quilting Community? Through our ART. Thus arose Anthems, a Special Exhibit about our lived experiences in quilting.

The Debut of Anthems will be at International Quilt Festival in Chicago in April, 2019. Quilts Inc has accepted the Special Exhibit on condition that they retain final say over the pieces included in that display.


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Deadline: October 31, 2018


Celebration of Color

This new judged competition and exhibit is open to quilters working in any style—traditional, modern, or art. Artists are invited to play with color and design to create a vibrant work that truly celebrates color!
The winning quilts will be announced during the 2018 International Quilt Festival in Chicago.



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Deadline: January 11, 2018

Traditional Mid-west and Canadian Quilts

International Quilt Festival/Chicago plans to showcase traditional quilts and their makers in a special exhibit, Traditional Mid-west and Canadian Quilts. This exhibit will be one of the highlights at International Quilt Festival, April 12–April 14, 2018. This exhibit is open to any quilter who lives in the Midwest states of Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, and the provinces of Manitoba and Ontario in Canada. The quilt must be made between January 2015 and February 2018.



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Deadline: February 1, 2018

In the American Tradition

This exhibit features recently-made quilts that harken back to the time of traditional blocks, styles, and techniques as their design source. Contemporary quilt makers often look to the art form’s rich tradition for inspiration in their own works. We have had both Pieced and Appliquéd exhibits. This exhibit will premiere at Quilt Market and Festival November 8-11, 2018. We would also like to retain quilts for a possible exhibit at International Quilt Festivals in 2019. Note: the size requirements have changed to 48” in width instead of the previous 36”.



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Deadline: March 15, 2018



In Full Bloom

Just as quilters create beautiful pieces of art with fabric, florists and gardeners cultivate works of beauty from the soil. The International Quilt Festival will showcase floral quilts from across the spectrum in color and splendor in the special exhibit. This exhibit will premiere at Quilt Market and Festival November 2018. We would also like to retain quilts for a possible exhibit at International Quilt Festivals in 2019.



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Deadline: April 12, 2018

Hands All Around

Artists from all around the world incorporate influences from their own cultures into the design and technique of their quilts. This prestigious, long-running international showcase will include recent quilts by international artists who create works inspired by such. This exhibit will premiere at International Quilt Market and Festival, November 8–11, 2018. We would also like to retain quilts for a possible exhibit at International Quilt Festivals in 2019.


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Deadline: April 19, 2018


Tactile Architecture

Buildings have a long history of inspiring the creative designs of quilt makers. In the 19th century, American quilters developed classic architectural patterns such as Log Cabin, Schoolhouse, and Brick Wall. This annual juried exhibit challenges quilt makers to create works based on architectural themes and inspirations. This exhibit will premiere at International Quilt Market and Festival November 8-11, 2018. We would also like to retain quilts for a possible exhibit at International Quilt Festivals in 2019.


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Deadline: May 10, 2018



Landscape Quilts

From valleys and volcanoes, and mountains to monuments, landscapes often inspire artists, including many in the quilt world. We invite you to submit your recently made landscape quilts to be featured in this exhibit, debuting at Quilt Market and Festival in November 2018. Quilts may be made using any technique, by hand or machine, including appliqué, pieced, or wholecloth quilts. Quilts may be traditional or contemporary interpretations of the landscape theme. We would also like to retain quilts for a possible exhibit at International Quilt Festivals in 2019.


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Deadline: May 3, 2018


Primitive Quilts

From hand pieced to machine made, the simple and unassuming designs of primitive quilts lend themselves to all techniques of quiltmaking. We invite you to submit your recently made primitive quilts to be featured in this exhibit, debuting at Quilt Market and Festival in November 2018. Specifically, we are looking for quilts made by hand or machine, appliquéd and/or pieced. We would also like to retain quilts for a possible exhibit at International Quilt Festivals in 2019.


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Deadline: May 17, 2018




Quilt Visions 2018: Connections

Visions Art Museum: Contemporary Quilts + Textiles
October 20, 2018 – January 6, 2019

Quilt Visions 2018: Connections is the 15th international juried exhibition produced by the Visions Art Museum: Contemporary Quilts + Textiles (VAM). The exhibition will be presented at Visions Art Museum in San Diego, California. The jurors will select work that exemplifies innovation in quilting and surface design techniques as well as excellence in composition and craftsmanship. A full color exhibition catalog will be published.

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Online Entries: January 1 - 31, 2018